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Intervention Daly City CA

Intervention Info for Daly City

Those who partake in substance abuse are often times in denial about it. They do not believe they have a problem, and the addicts who do admit to the problem think it only effects them. If you know or suspect a loved one of struggling with drug addiction or alcoholism now is the time to act in order to save their life. A Better Today urges you to hold an intervention for that person so you can point out the negative implications their addiction is having their life and their relationships. Try to persuade your loved one to seek professional help by enrolling into a rehab facility. Too many addicts die every day from their drug and alcohol use, do not let your family member or friend be next, speak up now.

Will an Intervention Offend the Addict?

It is important when staging an intervention to make sure the atmosphere of the gathering is caring, supportive and nonjudgmental. Most addicts do not come forward to get the help they need because they feel their loved ones will judge them and not be supportive of their situation. You have to point out to the addict that you care about them and you encourage they get the help they need. Show support and sympathy for their situation might help them realize that their addiction effects more than just them. If the addict is under the impression that he or she is being attacked and judged, then they will become defensive and turn down any points made by their loved ones during the intervention. Seeking the help of a professional interventionist is always a good idea too. Having an outside perspective of two parties will help rely messages in a clear manner.

When Should I Act?

If you have had a one-on-one talk with your loved one and they still decide to use drugs and alcohol on a daily, then plan to stage the intervention as soon as possible. Every day you wait to speak up is another battle your loved one loses to their addiction. Help them fight back, act now to show your love and support to your friend or family member. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about holding an intervention reach out to A Better Today at (650) 267-4099. Death, prison, or getting sober are the only three realistic ways an addiction can end. Help you loved one make the obvious choice of getting clean. Start planning your intervention before you have to start planning a funeral.