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Detox & Withdrawal Daly City CA

Detox & Withdrawal Details for Daly City

Detoxification is an important element to the recovery process. When you suffer from an addiction, your body develops a chemical dependency on the abuse substance making it hard mentally and physically to stop using those substances. When you do try to get your body used to operating without consuming drugs or alcohol, you might feel discomfort from withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms often times scare addicts and shy them away from getting help. The discomfort and long-term effects of addiction are far worse than that of the withdrawal symptoms. At A Better Today we help you undergo your detox cycle under medical supervision. After your detox process is complete, your body and mind will be more clear and focused on finishing the rest of your recovery blueprint.

What Can I Expect from Detox?

Detoxing your body will do great things for you physically. Your body will, once again, learn how to function normally without having to intake a huge amount of drugs or alcohol. Your body may be a little shocked at first, but that is normal. It is also typical to feel ill because of withdrawal symptoms. Common symptoms from withdrawal include puking, shaking, sweating, trouble sleeping, and a consistent feeling of anxiety. A Better Today provides you with a medically trained staff who will do their best to keep you comfortable during your detox cycle. We also provide medication, in some cases, to regulate and reduce withdrawal symptoms. Every detox period will be of a different length, depending on which substances each client used and for how long during their addiction. Which is why it is important that you do not keep any information off the record when applying to A Better Today. Our staff needs to know exactly which substance(s) you abused during your addiction.

Can I Finish My Recovery Without the Detox Stage?

It is nearly impossible to reach full sobriety without undergoing a detox cycle. It is through the detoxification stage that your body will flush all of the harmful chemicals out, making your body feel better. When you keep those substances, which are slowly killing you, in your body, your body will still crave those drugs and alcohol. This is will make it virtually impossible to complete your recovery. A Better Today promises to do whatever they can to keep your withdrawal symptoms to a minimal. There are way too many addicts out there who are not seeking proper help because of they are scared of withdrawal symptoms. A short few days of being sick is worth a lifetime of being healthy. Let us help you. Call (650) 267-4099 now to speak with one of our staff members who is waiting by the phone for your call.